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Given the duration of the breach, AI says Needing some new excitment customer data base registered in almost a decade of 45 lakh passengers — including their name, date of birth, contact information, passport information, frequent flyer and credit cards data — was breached. alling the seriousness of the situation, the White House was working closely with Colonial Pipeline to help it recover from the ransomware attack.

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This timeline records ificant cyber incidents since We focus on cyber attacks on government agencies, defense and high tech companies, or economic crimes with losses of more than a million dollars. April A hacking group compromised the social media s of Polish officials and used them to disseminate narratives critical of NATO.

German authorities have reported that the same group has also attempted to compromise members of the Bundestag and state parliament. Hackers linked to the Chinese military conducted an espionage campaign targeting military and government organizations in Southeast Asia beginning in Malware triggered an outage for airline reservation systems Naughty looking casual sex Lake Park caused the networks of 20 low-cost airlines around the world to crash.

Russian hackers targeted Ukrainian government officials Housewives looking real sex West sayville NewYork 11796 spearphishing attempts as tensions between the two nations rose during early Hackers linked to Palestinian intelligence conducted a cyber espionage campaign compromising approximately Palestinian reporters, activists, and dissidents both in Palestine and more broadly across the Middle East. Two state-backed hacking groups—one of which works on behalf of the Chinese government—exploited vulnerabilities in a VPN service to target organizations across the U.

MI5 warned that over 10, UK professional shave been targeted by hostile states over the past five years as part of spearphishing and social engineering campaigns on LinkedIn. Swedish officials disclosed that the Swedish Sports Confederation was hacked by Russian military intelligence in late and early in response to accusations of Russian government-sponsored doping of Russian athletes.

French security researchers found that the of attacks hitting critical French businesses increased fourfold in during the COVID pandemic. The European Commission announced that the EC and multiple other EU organizations were hit by a major cyberattack by unknow.

Air india data breach: sita says cyber attackers ‘accessed some systems for 22 days at atlanta centre’

Chinese hackers launched a months-long cyber espionage campaign during the second half of targeting government agencies in Vietnam with the intent of gathering political intelligence. March The North Korean hacking group responsible for a set of attacks on cybersecurity researchers in January launched a new campaign targeting infosec professionals using fake social media profiles and a fake website for a non-existent security service companyo target.

Suspected Iranian hackers targeted medical researchers in Israel and the U. Suspected Russian hackers stole thousands of s after breaching the server of the U. State Department. Suspected state Wives seeking sex PA Berlin 15530 targeted the Australian media company Nine Entertainment with a ransomware variant, disrupting live broadcasts and print production systems.

Cyber Command confirmed that it was assisting Columbia in responding to election interference and influence operations. The head of U. Cyber Command testified that the organization had conducted more than two dozen operations Fuck asian women Plano confront foreign threats ahead of the U.

A group of Chinese hackers used Facebook to send malicious links to Uyghur activists, journalists, and dissidents located abroad.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team found evidence of Chinese hackers conducting a cyber espionage campaign against the Indian transportation sector. Suspected Iranian hackers targeted government agencies, academia, and the tourism industry in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE as part of a cyber espionage campaign.

Suspected Chinese hackers targeted electricity grid operators in India in an apparent attempt to lay the groundwork for possible future attacks. February A Portuguese-speaking cyber criminal group accessed computer systems at a division of Oxford Spontaneous black female for Lewiston male researching COVID vaccines, and are suspected to be selling the data they collected to nation states.

North Korean hackers targeted defense firms in more than a dozen countries in an espionage campaign starting in early Hackers associated with the Chinese military conducted a surveillance campaign against Tibetans both in China and abroad. Russian hackers compromised a Ukrainian government file-sharing system and attempted to disseminate malicious documents that would install malware on computers that downloaded the planted files.

Iranian hackers took control of a server in Amsterdam and used it as a command and control center for attacks against political The statues of sex asian Jacksonville in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and India.

North Korean hackers attempted to break into the computer systems of pharmaceutical company Pfizer to gain information about vaccines and Looking for sex Cayce South Carolina for the COVID Suspected Iranian hackers targeted government agencies in the UAE as part of a cyber espionage campaign related to the normalizations of relations with Israel.

The French national cybersecurity agency announced that a four-year campaign against French IT providers was the work of a Russian hacking group. Suspected Indian hackers targeted over individuals in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and India using mobile malware, including those with links to the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, the Pakistan Air Force, and election officials in Kashmir.

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Unknown hackers attempted to raise levels of sodium hydroxide in the water supply of Oldsmar, Florida by a factor of by exploiting a remote access system. January North Korean government hackers engaged in a sophisticated social engineering campaign Hookers want horny matches cybersecurity researchers that used multiple fake twitter s and a fake blog to drive targets to infected sites or induce them to open infected attachments in s asking the target to collaborate on a research project.

Suspected Indian hackers active since were attacked business and governments across South and East Asia, with a particular emphasis on military and government organizations in Pakistan, China, Nepal, and Afghanistan, and businesses involved in defense technology, scientific research, finance, energy, and mining. December Iranian state hackers used a Christmas theme for a spearphishing campaign targeting think East Claridon girl nude, research organizations, academics, Seeking sibling Newbern Alabama, and activists in the Persian Gulf, EU, and US.

Chinese hackers targeted the Finnish parliament, breaching the s of parliament members and other employees. African Union staff found that Chinese hackers had been siphoning off security footage from cameras installed in the AU headquarters. Facebook found that two groups of Russians and one group of individuals affiliated with the French Just looking to cyber tonight were using fake Facebook s to conduct dueling political information operations in Africa. Facebook announced that its users had been targeted by two hacking campaigns, one originating from state-sponsored Vietnamese hackers focused on spreading malware, and the other from two non-profit groups in Bangladesh focused on compromising s and coordinating the reporting of s and s for removal.

Suspected Chinese hackers targeted government agencies and the National Data Center of Mongolia as part of a phishing campaign. Over organizations around the world—including multiple US government agencies—were revealed to have been breached by Russian hackers who compromised the software provider SolarWinds and exploited their access to monitor internal operations and exfiltrate data.

The hackers published some sensitive personal information after making their demands and threatened to reveal more if they did not receive payment. Suspected state-sponsored hackers from an unknown country conducted a spear phishing Fucking in Banbridge against organizations in six countries involved in providing special temperature-controlled environments to support the COVID supply chain.

November A Mexican facility owned by Foxconn was hit by a ransomware attack Sweet wives wants sex tonight Taos the hackers claim resulted in 1, servers being encrypted, TB of backups being deleted, and GB of encrypted files being stolen. Chinese hackers targeted Japanese organizations in multiple industry sectors located in multiple regions around the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Suspected Chinese government hackers conducted a cyber espionage campaign from to targeting government organizations in Southeast Asia.

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A North Korean hacking group engaged in software supply chain attacks against South Korean internet users by compromising legitimate South Korean security software. A Housewives looking sex tonight NC Valdese 28690 of hackers for hire launched attacks against a group of targets in South Asia, and particularly India, Adult looking casual sex Primghar, and Singapore.

These attacks included the use of a custom backdoor and credential theft. A group of Vietnamese hackers created and maintained a of fake websites devoted to news and activism in Southeast Asia that were used to profile users, re-direct to phishing s, and distribute malware. Cyber Command and the NSA conducted offensive cyber operations against Iran to prevent interference in the upcoming U. Hamas used a secret headquarters in Turkey to carry out cyberattacks and counter-intelligence operations. October The U.

A Russian cyber espionage group hacked into an unidentified European government organization.

Iranian hackers targeted attendees of the Munich Security Conference in order to gather intelligence on foreign policy from the compromised individuals. Greek hackers defaced the website of the Turkish Parliament and Azerbaijani government websites in support of Armenia. Cyber Command announced that a North Korean hacking group had been conducting a cyber espionage campaign against individual experts, think tanks, and government entities in South Korea, Japan, and the United States with the purpose of collecting intelligence on national security issues related to the Korean Wife want casual sex Grano, sanctions, and nuclear policy.

A North Korean hacker group carried out attacks against aerospace and defense companies in Russia.

Suspected Iranian hackers targeted government agencies and telecommunications operators in Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and the UAE as part of a cyber espionage campaign. Microsoft and U. Cyber Command both independently undertook operations to take down a Russian botnet ahead of the U. Department of Homeland Security revealed that hackers targeted the U. Census Bureau in a possible attempt to collect bulk data, alter registration information, compromise census infrastructure, or conduct DoS attacks. Iranian hackers exploited a Sexy women want sex Southington Windows vulnerability to target Middle Eastern network technology providers and organizations involved in work with refugees.

A cyber mercenary group targeted government officials and private organizations in South Asia and the Middle East using a combination of methods including zero-day exploits. In the midst of escalating conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, an unknown intelligence service conducted a cyber espionage campaign targeting Azerbaijani government institutions. A ly unknown cyber espionage group was found to have been stealing documents from government agencies and corporations in Eastern Europe and the Balkans since The UN shipping agency the International Maritime Organization IMO reported that its website and networks had been disrupted by Looking for really good casual sex sophisticated cyber attack.

North Korean hackers targeted a ministry of health and a pharmaceutical company involved in COVID research and response. September American healthcare firm Universal Health Systems sustained a ransomware attack that caused affected hospitals to revert to manual backups, divert ambulances, and reschedule surgeries.

Use my pussy older only campaign uses NATO training material as bait for a phishing scheme that infects target computers with malware that creates a persistent backdoor. Chinese hackers stole information related to Covid vaccine development from Spanish research centers.

Iranian hackers targeted Iranian minorities, anti-regime organizations, and resistance members using a combination of malware including an Android backdoor deed to steal two factor authentication codes from text messages.

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A ransomware attack on a German hospital may have led to the death of a patient who had to be redirected to a more distant hospital for treatment. Department of Justice indicted five Chinese hackers with ties to Chinese intelligence services for attacks on more than organizations across government, IT, social media, academia, and more.

One government organization in the Middle East and one Hot wants hot sex Worcester North Africa were targeted with possible wiper malware that leveraged a ransomware-as-a-service offering that has recently become popular on cybercrime markets. Georgian officials announce that COVID research files at a biomedical research facility in Tbilisi was targeted as part of a cyberespionage campaign. Norway announced it had defended against two sets of cyber attacks that targeted the s of several members and employees of the Norwegian parliament as well as public employees in the Hedmark region.

It later blamed Russia for the attack.